An Independently Organized TED Event

Act 2

Auditorium doors close at 1:00pm promptly!

Musical performance via video by FHS student William Herbert

The Legacy Award Presentation

Cassandra M Moultrie – Black Women and Generational Silencing

Beatrice Weber – The Key to Overcoming Oppressive Systems is not Sacrifice

TEDxFarmingdale 2020 retrospective

Chris Naugle – Rethink Money – A letter to my daughter

Ken Ashby & Maris Segal – Mastering Connection with Relationship Rhythms

Ideas Into Action Award Presentation

Lou Cardillo – Reimagining Business as People-Centric Systems

Gozde Ustuner – Legacy Is a Mathematical Pattern

TEDxFarmingdale 2021 retrospective

Hawah Kasat – How A Different Type of Greed Could Make Charities Obsolete

George Andriopoulos closing remarks and thanks.

Final performance by Mariano on the Piano