An Independently Organized TED Event

Aleem Arif
Email: info@banoeemee.com

Aleem Arif graduated at the top of his class with a Masters in International Business from Boston University. He worked in finance for 3 years in Boston before moving to Canada and setting up Bano eeMee, a sustainable and ethically made luxury leather brand. Aleem won the Best Emerging Fashion Designer from North America in 2015 and presented his designs at Galleries Lafayette, Paris. Building on his fashion manufacturing experience, Aleem currently works with various high-end brands as a fashion manufacturing consultant and helps connect North American markets to high quality suppliers and manufacturers in South Asia.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, drawing on his international trade experience, Aleem set up AmericanMediSupply and helped hospitals and senior living facilities secure critical personal protection equipment supplies at the height of the pandemic.
When not working, Aleem loves to travel and experience different cultures and cuisines. During the lockdown, Aleem realized the toll the lack of human interaction was taking on his and his friends’ mental health. He turned his attention to Instagram and started posting lighthearted “good morning” videos every day with the hopes of cheering and motivating people. Aleem’s good morning videos have been going strong for almost 2 years now and have garnered a small cult following.

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