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Audra Donroe

Audra Donroe is a poet, visual artist, and teacher residing in Long Island, New York. She has a BFA in Art Education from Pratt Institute, a MALS from Stony brook and a soon-to-be MS in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology from SUNY Albany. Audra Donroe currently teachers Art at Howitt Middle School in Farmingdale where she works with students to encourage interdisciplinary connections and authentic art making. Her own artwork is similar and is based on the cognitive theory of metaphors; the ability to learn and make sense of reality through what we already know. This can be seen in her visceral memory maps, owl imagery, and the common theme of nature. Whether she is painting, presenting at open-mic nights, or creating with her laser cuter—the mindset of an artist is always with her. Audra has presented on the interconnectivity between art and life at multiple conferences including Long Island’s Balanced Mind Conference and Farmingdale’s own Connected Educators of Long Island Conference. When she isn’t teaching or creating, you can find her with her dog, walking nature trails, trying to kayak, and doing what she can to inspire herself and the people around her.

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