An Independently Organized TED Event

Carlos Collado

Carlos Collado is a young Hispanic born in Miami who has become a big believer in intuition. Despite still working a full-time job at the Arlo Nomad Hotel, married, and recently becoming a brand new father, Carlos has built an incredible interview show called “On The Road To Success” which is available on YouTube and other social platforms. He has interviewed and worked with some very high performing entrepreneurs, TEDx Speakers, and best selling authors like: David Meltzer CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, Vicente Fox former President Of Mexico, and Greg S. Reid best selling author, top ten speaker on Forbes, and movie producer. He is also an avid reader in the personal development genre and has read over 100 books. Carlos has most recently made his health a priority almost 50 pounds recently, while continuing his mission to spread his thought leadership on intuition and its importance in your daily decision making.

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