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Dr. Susan Nicholas

Susan Nicholas, MD, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of the Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing and SusanNicholas.org. She is a three-time author of conscious books for adults and children, a Reiki energy healer, international speaker, podcast host and conscious life coach. 

Dr. Nicholas is a physician and surgeon who after a conscious awakening, transitioned her life into soul healing work. Today, she is a telepathic medical intuitive, energy healer and an international and TEDx speaker on The Frequency of Money®. As the founder of the Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing, Dr. Nicholas is the author of The Duality of Being: Perspectives from Multidimensional Travel, Two Parts of Me: I Am More Than My Body, and The Death of Cupcake: A Child’s Experience with Loss. Susan can also be found hosting her Be Conscious® Podcast. Her diverse work has a common thread which is to awaken humanity to consciousness. Dr. Nicholas is a featured guest on nationally syndicated radio and podcasts internationally. 

Susan is a thought leader on human consciousness and is often found contemplating the interplay of essence and form. She is a French language and culture enthusiast, and in her free time can be found organic baking, swimming, and exploring magnificence in nature. 

She and her son are currently based in Atlanta, GA. 

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