An Independently Organized TED Event

Estela Lugo

Estela Lugo was born and raised on Long Island, NY by "the world’s most amazing Puerto Rican parents," Miguel & Eneida. They believe salsa dancing and gardening are the key to never growing old. Her younger sister, Melissa is usually mistaken as a twin because of their shared laugh and wardrobe. They also share the same progressive disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth; a condition that atrophies the muscles in the feet, legs, and hands. Growing up, Estela was surrounded by community service and could be found most times with crayons and notebooks in hand. After four happy and art-filled years at Farmingdale High School, followed by another four at F.I.T., Estela pursued a career in design and is now combining her creative energy with a passion for the non-profit world. Her children Bella and Devin, along with her partner Jason, keep her laughing and make sure she doesn’t take herself or life too seriously.

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