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Ken Ashby & Maris Segal

From Mindset to Marketing, Ken Ashby & Maris Segal, husband and wife, are often called “the connection couple.” They are Certified Relationship and Executive Coaches. They have spent the last thirty plus years bringing an innovative collaborative voice to issues, causes, and brands.

Working with the public & private sectors from boardrooms and classrooms to the world stage, as entrepreneurs, business strategists, executive producers, coaches, best-selling authors, speakers, and trainers. Their work unites diverse populations across a wide spectrum of business, policy, and social issues in the U.S. and abroad.

Their leadership expertise is in Business Relationship Marketing, Organizational Change & Cultural Inclusion, Personal Growth, Project Management, Public Affairs, and Philanthropy Strategies has been called upon by consumer and financial brands, not for profits, Olympic organizers, Super Bowls, Harvard Kennedy School, Archdiocese of LA and NY Papal visits, the White House and celebrities across the arts and entertainment, sports, and culinary genres.

With Ken’s expertise as an award-winning singer songwriter, they launched One Song, a songwriting workshop series for novices designed unleash creativity in individuals and working teams.

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