An Independently Organized TED Event

Nicole Bruno

Nicole Bruno was born and raised in Farmingdale, NY.  She is life long “Daler” who attended the same elementary school that her children are currently attending and is proud to continue the Daler tradition.  After graduating from Farmingdale High School in 2002, she attended Nassau Community College.  After marrying another life long “Daler”, they settled in their hometown of Farmingdale and started a family.  Nicole continued to flourish in her banking career and transitioned to a stay-at-home parent when the couple were expecting their second child.  After seeking professional guidance from gender specialists and therapists when their 4 year old was experiencing significant gender dysphoria, the couple spent the next 2 years seeking guidance and support from medical professionals who specialized in gender studies/research and advocacy.  Their research led to the discovery of horrific statistics for transgender youth due to oppression and discrimination, which led them to the decision as a family to affirm their child’s identity and Nicole has been a fearless parent advocate in her children’s school, community, local sports, and local advocacy outlets on Long Island ever since.

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