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Orville Davis
Orville Davis is a recent graduate from Farmingdale State University as a dual major in Global Business Management and Computer Science with a minor in Latin American Studies.  Eco-sustainability has been on his radar for quite some time and he first explored it in his earlier ventures building Smart Homes to reduce energy waste but has since moved into the Solid Waste category with his new venture.  Orville was "literally" born on a junkyard and has experienced first hand what this industry entails and the problems that needed to be solved.  Scrap-It!, his mobile platform concept that allows you to have your junk disposed of in an eco-friendly manner and be able to track where it goes, achieved first place in various business competitions.  Of note was the NY Business Plan Competition where he won first place in the entire New York State in the Energy and Environment Category. Scrap-It! has been working closely with NYSERDA to achieve eco-sustainability and waste reduction.  Orville's wife, Cynthia Davis, who is a Bioscience major, has been doing rigorous research on the topic and has been aiding with Scrap-It!'s solutions. Scrap-It! also have been working with professors of various universities to ensure their data is consistent.
Apart from his business, he is a father, husband, motivational speaker, and life coach.  Orville's goal is to uplift the consciousness of the youth to help make the world a better place.
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